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QtMPC: reduced start up time

Since I started working on QtMPC again I have been working on ticket #25 which in a nutshell is saving the music library to disk and reading it from disk. This of course is only done when the music library is still the same.

The file is saved as an XML file. This is mainly because then it will work on all operating systems supported by Qt and we won’t have to think about a binary format. However this means we need to create a nice DTD file.

Now I have tested it on my own running setup. And at least it does not show a drop in start-up time. Although it is hard to measure. However over at my folks where the mpd database contains over 250 gigabytes of musics the normal start up time is over 8 seconds. So there I will be able to measure the result. In the mean time feel free to report any experiences.

Right now the file is saved to :homedir:/QtMPC/database.xml. This is not yet adjustable but it will be some day :) But until that day update to the latest revision and compile it!

Don’t forget to report any experiences or add tickets with wishes so we know how to improve this app.