New developers in the building

Dear QtMPC users,

We’ve quite let you down lately, not much has happened with regard to the development of QtMPC. That has changed!

I’m proud to announce 2 new developers:

  • Daniel Selinger
  • Armin Walland

Both have already made quite some commits containing shiny new features and improvements. See the trac timeline for more details. The CHANGELOG has more details as well.

Actually, I picked up QtMPC development myself as well, I pushed playlist support to the repository a moment ago.

All in all I’m really happy things are rolling again, a new release is probably not too far way. The playlist support needs some polishing though. I invite you all to check out the latest trunk and try the new features yourself!

I’ll also make mailing lists for us (developers) and for you (users) so we can communicate more easily in the near future.

Time to listen to some good music… ;)

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