QtMPC 0.6.1 – There’s no way out, I mean, there’s support for outputs…

Hi all,

Hereby I announce the immediate release of QtMPC version 0.6.1.

This is a release containing a small amount of changes. Though we thought the
changes are important enough for a new release. However, there is a new
feature, we now support enabling/disabling outputs. For the rest see the
changelog below.

* Gracefully handle connection problems (ticket #35)
* Fixed song parsing when track or disc is num/totalnum (ticket #213)
* Crop playlist support (ticket #207)
* Shuffle support (ticket #209)
* Renaming of playlists (ticket #210)
* Output support (enable/disable) outputs (ticket #7)
* Copy song info to clipboard from playlist selection (ticket #184)



QtMPC 0.6.0 – a brand new start

Dear QtMPC users,

A long time has passed since our last release almost 2 years ago. A lot has changed also. The original authors (which includes me) weren’t really motivated that much anymore to implement new features and work on QtMPC in general. Luckily for all of us 2 new developers have shown up as I’ve written about earlier. Their enthousiasm triggered us to start developing as well. So in the end we have an active team of 4 developers, which is great!

This has resulted in version 0.6.0 which is by far the greatest release made so far. There have been tons of improvements, some highlights are support for the idle command in mpd, consistency/usability improvements in the user interface, support for stored playlists and a lot more. Another thing worth noting is that we have dropped support for last.fm scrobbling. We believe scrobbling shouldn’t be done by a client but rather by something that runs on its own. If you were using last.fm scrobbling in QtMPC we advice you to take a look at mpdscribble, though there are other alternatives.

As a last note I would like to invite everyone to try out QtMPC and maybe give it another chance if you’ve used it before but aren’t currently. Feedback is welcome!



New developers in the building

Dear QtMPC users,

We’ve quite let you down lately, not much has happened with regard to the development of QtMPC. That has changed!

I’m proud to announce 2 new developers:

  • Daniel Selinger
  • Armin Walland

Both have already made quite some commits containing shiny new features and improvements. See the trac timeline for more details. The CHANGELOG has more details as well.

Actually, I picked up QtMPC development myself as well, I pushed playlist support to the repository a moment ago.

All in all I’m really happy things are rolling again, a new release is probably not too far way. The playlist support needs some polishing though. I invite you all to check out the latest trunk and try the new features yourself!

I’ll also make mailing lists for us (developers) and for you (users) so we can communicate more easily in the near future.

Time to listen to some good music… ;)

Usage of trac

Hi all,

QtMPC development has stalled a bit due to other activities. But I’ve cleaned up all the spammy trac tickets, so only the valid ones remain. Other than that, we’ve received some patches written by users which I’ll try to commit soon and Roeland secretly told me he’ll start doing some development as soon as he finds the time… ;)

Because of the massive spam, I’ve currently disabled the creation of tickets for anonymous users and since there’s currently no way of registering yourself that means you can’t create tickets anymore. You can still post comments on the weblog or use the contact information in the about dialog of the program. We apologize for this, but cleaning up spam is a waste of time, but we’ll look into other solutions.

QtMPC 0.5.0 – Totally Zen

I am honored to announce the release of QtMPC 0.5.0
So why a 0.5.0:

  • last.fm support:
    • Album covers and general info
    • Now Playing
    • Track Scrobbling
  • KDE 4 support
    • Use your theme icons
    • Fully intergrated in KDE
    • And much much more
  • Dir View

This are the changes with the largest impact. Of course we fixed many bugs and did optimizations where possible. But for the whole list check the CHANGELOG.

Since we now have last.fm support why not join our last.fm group?

Also we did a reorganization in the subversion repository so svn users should switch to http://qtmpc.lowblog.nl/svn/trunk

And now what you have all been waiting for:
QtMPC-0.5.0 (source)
QtMPC-0.5.0 (windows installer)

QtMPC gains KDE Support

The last few weeks I’ve been working getting QtMPC to integrate with KDE. Obviously, since QtMPC is written in Qt4 this means KDE4 support, it won’t work with KDE3.

If you want to try this out, grab the latest checkout and read the INSTALL file, basically you’ll need cmake and of course KDE4 installed, or at least kdelibs.

At this point most of the user interface is “ported” to KDE, the only things that needs some work is the system tray. It currently uses KDE icons, but it’s still a QSystemTrayIcon which isn’t that bad, the only thing is that it doesn’t honor the notification settings KDE has.

I guess the most notable changes for KDE users are to be found in the menu bar, the dialogs and in general the icons used throughout the application.

P.S. KDE support in QtMPC is 100% *optional*

Windows Installer Available

As a Christmas present for all the Windows users out in the world that want to run QtMPC (Hi dad!) I have created a nice .msi file so you do not have to install the whole Qt toolkit and build it yourself. It was a bitch to get SVG support but everything works now!

Grab the msi file for version 0.4.1 here.

So now there is absolutely no reason not to use QtMPC when you are running windows!
I have created a new component in the trac so problems with the installer can be reported.


Anyone called for a DirView?

So we got a request for a dir view in QtMPC. We already had it on the todo-list since January 2008. So it was about time I got myself to write the actual code. The timing could not be much better since Sander just finished the new design so adding a new tab for the Dir View was a piece of cake.

The code is (like always) available in svn. Ready for you to test!

Right now drag/drop does not yet work in the dir view. Also no searching. No custom sorting. So a lot can still be done. But the basics are working! So enjoy playing directories on Christmas.

New design for QtMPC

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on improving the layout/design of QtMPC and currently I’m quite satisfied with the result. Basically we’ve moved to a more Amarok style look, with a tabbed dialog at the left which we’ll use to display context information about the song being played (currently only an album cover), the music library and in the future we plan to add a directory view.

It’s in the current source code, so grab a fresh check out and please give feedback if you find something that could be improved.

QtMPC 0.4.1 – Out NOW!

We have just released version 0.4.1 of QtMPC. For a complete list of changes see the changelog. Yes we finally have a changelog!

For those of you that just want the highlights:

  • We have converted the mpdstats and mpdstatus to singletons which allow us to make easy use of it trough the whole program.
  • Some GUI improvements, at least we like to think so
  • Some small performance gains

As always we have a nice tarball for you:

As always please provide us with wishes or report bugs:

Now go grab the tarball while it is still hot!