QtMPC 0.5.0 – Totally Zen

I am honored to announce the release of QtMPC 0.5.0
So why a 0.5.0:

  • last.fm support:
    • Album covers and general info
    • Now Playing
    • Track Scrobbling
  • KDE 4 support
    • Use your theme icons
    • Fully intergrated in KDE
    • And much much more
  • Dir View

This are the changes with the largest impact. Of course we fixed many bugs and did optimizations where possible. But for the whole list check the CHANGELOG.

Since we now have last.fm support why not join our last.fm group?

Also we did a reorganization in the subversion repository so svn users should switch to http://qtmpc.lowblog.nl/svn/trunk

And now what you have all been waiting for:
QtMPC-0.5.0 (source)
QtMPC-0.5.0 (windows installer)

QtMPC gains KDE Support

The last few weeks I’ve been working getting QtMPC to integrate with KDE. Obviously, since QtMPC is written in Qt4 this means KDE4 support, it won’t work with KDE3.

If you want to try this out, grab the latest checkout and read the INSTALL file, basically you’ll need cmake and of course KDE4 installed, or at least kdelibs.

At this point most of the user interface is “ported” to KDE, the only things that needs some work is the system tray. It currently uses KDE icons, but it’s still a QSystemTrayIcon which isn’t that bad, the only thing is that it doesn’t honor the notification settings KDE has.

I guess the most notable changes for KDE users are to be found in the menu bar, the dialogs and in general the icons used throughout the application.

P.S. KDE support in QtMPC is 100% *optional*