QtMPC 0.6.1 – There’s no way out, I mean, there’s support for outputs…

Hi all,

Hereby I announce the immediate release of QtMPC version 0.6.1.

This is a release containing a small amount of changes. Though we thought the
changes are important enough for a new release. However, there is a new
feature, we now support enabling/disabling outputs. For the rest see the
changelog below.

* Gracefully handle connection problems (ticket #35)
* Fixed song parsing when track or disc is num/totalnum (ticket #213)
* Crop playlist support (ticket #207)
* Shuffle support (ticket #209)
* Renaming of playlists (ticket #210)
* Output support (enable/disable) outputs (ticket #7)
* Copy song info to clipboard from playlist selection (ticket #184)