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QtMPC 0.4.1 – Out NOW!

We have just released version 0.4.1 of QtMPC. For a complete list of changes see the changelog. Yes we finally have a changelog!

For those of you that just want the highlights:

  • We have converted the mpdstats and mpdstatus to singletons which allow us to make easy use of it trough the whole program.
  • Some GUI improvements, at least we like to think so
  • Some small performance gains

As always we have a nice tarball for you:

As always please provide us with wishes or report bugs:

Now go grab the tarball while it is still hot!

QtMPC 0.1

So, after a couple of days coding I’m pretty satisfied with the result. Actually so much that I will call it 0.1 ;)
Considering that I’m not going to make an official release yet the number doesn’t really say anything since it can change after my next commit…

Anyway, the tree view containing the music library works, it’s even sortable. The most intensive task is filling the model data at program startup, but after that everything works without huge cpu usage. Adding songs, albums or even all the songs from an artists is done by double-clicking on the respective item in the tree view. The “Add” button is not functional yet, my plan is to also make that button handle multiple selections. A preference dialog also has been added, which allows you to fill in the connection details at start up if the connection can’t be made.

Feel free to try and make suggestions, keep in mind it’s made in about 4 days and it’s obviously not perfect. I probably also won’t have to tell you that the program comes without any warranty… ; )

To try it, simply use subversion to get the repository as explained in the post below.

edit: The add button now works too, so you can select multiple items in the tree view and add them all to the playlist…