QtMPC 0.6.0 – a brand new start

Dear QtMPC users,

A long time has passed since our last release almost 2 years ago. A lot has changed also. The original authors (which includes me) weren’t really motivated that much anymore to implement new features and work on QtMPC in general. Luckily for all of us 2 new developers have shown up as I’ve written about earlier. Their enthousiasm triggered us to start developing as well. So in the end we have an active team of 4 developers, which is great!

This has resulted in version 0.6.0 which is by far the greatest release made so far. There have been tons of improvements, some highlights are support for the idle command in mpd, consistency/usability improvements in the user interface, support for stored playlists and a lot more. Another thing worth noting is that we have dropped support for last.fm scrobbling. We believe scrobbling shouldn’t be done by a client but rather by something that runs on its own. If you were using last.fm scrobbling in QtMPC we advice you to take a look at mpdscribble, though there are other alternatives.

As a last note I would like to invite everyone to try out QtMPC and maybe give it another chance if you’ve used it before but aren’t currently. Feedback is welcome!



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