QtMPC 0.5.0 – Totally Zen

I am honored to announce the release of QtMPC 0.5.0
So why a 0.5.0:

  • last.fm support:
    • Album covers and general info
    • Now Playing
    • Track Scrobbling
  • KDE 4 support
    • Use your theme icons
    • Fully intergrated in KDE
    • And much much more
  • Dir View

This are the changes with the largest impact. Of course we fixed many bugs and did optimizations where possible. But for the whole list check the CHANGELOG.

Since we now have last.fm support why not join our last.fm group?

Also we did a reorganization in the subversion repository so svn users should switch to http://qtmpc.lowblog.nl/svn/trunk

And now what you have all been waiting for:
QtMPC-0.5.0 (source)
QtMPC-0.5.0 (windows installer)

11 thoughts on “QtMPC 0.5.0 – Totally Zen”

  1. Wow! This seems just great, and since I’m forces to use Windows on my job computer this seems like a nice client. But I’m having some trouble to install it, just downloaded the windows installer and when I start it calculates the disk space for a while and then it says “Could not access networl location QtMPC”, and it quits.

    Is it just me or something else?
    Thanks in advance!

    Peppe Berqvist

  2. Mm the installer worked on the windows box I tested it. But then again that was the box it was created on. I will check the installer as soon as I am near a windows box again.

    Until then you could try to install Qt and compile the sources yourself on Windows.

  3. Me and compiling udner windows is not the best pals=) That’s why I almost use python + QT when code my little apps.

  4. I’m impressed! This is very hopeful, just what I’m looking for :-) Amarok2 right now isn’t what I’m after, but this fits the bill quite closely. Only thing I could wish for is a lyric-fetch sidebar. ^_^

    I get a crash when attempting to drag&drop tracks into the playlist, but I see the workaround is just to use the “add” button at the bottom. Hope this is fixed soon.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I have a similar problem as peppelorum… When I try to install on Windows, the installer complains that there’s not enough space left. I also compiled the version 0.5.0 and the revision 292 from svn on ubuntu, and the console fills up with complaints that I don’t have permission:

    Already connected
    MPDConnection: waiting for data.
    Received: ACK [4@0] {status} you don’t have permission for “status”

    Already connected
    MPDConnection: waiting for data.
    Received: ACK [4@0] {currentsong} you don’t have permission for “currentsong”

    Already connected
    MPDConnection: waiting for data.
    Received: ACK [4@0] {playlistinfo} you don’t have permission for “playlistinfo”

    It seems to be a problem with the password. I typed the password from my mpd.conf file, and I don’t think I made a typo, since the program shows the password as plaintext.

  6. Now that is weird. Compiling from source should work fine.

    First of all it should not show the password. Maybe we are doing something wrong in that field. When I have some spare time I’ll look into that!

  7. Hi,

    I tracked down the bug it’s not even sending the password to MPD server. Workaround is to disable password from mpd. Real fix is to call void MPDConnection::setPassword(const QString &pass) before trying to connect to MPD from the UI side. Hope this helps.


  8. Hmm.. i accidently put in the socket file of mpd – this made qtmpc freeze on startup. Now i cant start it at all… where does it store its settings?

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