Even more progress

As Roeland made clear, we’re back to business with regard to QtMPC. So let me tell you something about the stuff I finished today.

  • Adjust volume with mouse wheel
  • Album cover caching

I guess both items speak for themselves and don’t need much explanation. Anyway, you can now hover over the volume slider and adjust the volume with your mouse wheel. As for the cover caching thing, when covers are downloaded from Amazon, they’re now automatically stored locally as well (on hard disk) to make loading them again next time faster. The images are stored in $HOMEDIR/.QtMPC/ , so if want to delete them for any reasons, that’s the location to sweep.

The whole album cover thing is a bit hacky at the moment and I’d like to make a cleaner interface for it in the future with well defined functionality, but for now it works pretty well, if you don’t look at the code that is… ;)

Anyway, let’s see if we can roll a new release any time soon…

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