QtMPC: trac expansion

Today I expanded some of the trac stuf.

First of all the type whish has been added. So if you have a feature request you can file it on track. Please do not assign it to a milestone or version :)

Also version 0.3.1 is now selectable under versions. Why? Well if you experience bugs it is nice to know in which version they appear. We’ll probably keep 1 or two versions in there since we encourage people to really use the latest stable release and there isn’t really any reason not to ;)

Also as a minor thing we’ve begun coding on the 0.4 milestone things and therefore the 0.5 milestone is added so file your whishes and you might see them in 0.5 ;)

Other than that I would like to point out that since this is a small program we work from 0.x to 0.x+1 release. The 0.x.y releases will mainly fix bugs, layout changes etc.

Now enjoy your music :D

6 thoughts on “QtMPC: trac expansion”

  1. Hi.. just stumbled across this client and wanted to give it a try…

    Now i am not that good with compiling… how is it done for qtmpc?

    i guess i need cmake to compile it, but what command is needed exactly?

    thx, carnager

  2. hmm.. have done that…

    carnager:~/QtMPC-0.3.1$ qmake

    it simply doesnt do anything. I am on archlinux and qt 4.3 is installed

  3. Hi,

    I just tried this software and I think it’s quite nice. There was something I really needed to use it though : the ability to switch the volume using wheel mouse on the tray icon.

    Well, I just implemented it. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want this patch.

    Anyway, thx for the nice work ;)

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