QtMPC 0.3 released!

With great pleasure we announce the availibility of QtMPC 0.3. There are a lot improvements since the last release.
A summary of the most important new features:

  • Seeking through a song
  • Functionality of the tray icon has been improved extensively
  • Database update (remote) and music library update (local)
  • Crossfading
  • Searching through music library
  • Album covers
  • Playlist view extended

Apart from the new features, there are also some bugs fixed.

The release is available for download here: http://files.lowblog.nl/qtmpc/QtMPC-0.3.tar.bz2

4 thoughts on “QtMPC 0.3 released!”

  1. Wow, I can see that the project’s development is gaining speed. I sense a great potential in your client, so I hope you won’t mind if I’ll post you some bug reports/glitches/feature requests.

    *On some songs the width of the position+volume+buttons area changes slightly when I pasue, resume or stop the playback. It seems to happen when the text of the song information isn’t pushing the aforementioned area to the right
    *Pressing when the focus is on the search bar should start the search.

    *The volume bar is a bit too… emphasised. It’s as big as the progress bar and as people don’t change their volume very often, it would be nice to control it with eg. a slider appearing in a pop up opened with a button.

    Feature requests:
    *I know the database sorted by artist/album/track is nice and instinctive, but a directory view is also essential.
    *Fetching album art from the internet is a great approach, yet alternatively the client should look up album’s directory for artwork. I think there’s less hassle with such approach and the internet fetching could be performed in case no artwork was found locally.

    That’s mainly it for now. I know that you may already be aware of most, in not all the things, so don’t be mad at me for my comment. I only wanted to be helpful.
    And don’t get discouraged, you do a great job.

    PS. And sorry for my English. I hope I can be understood correctly.

  2. Thanks for your list of improvements, it’s greatly appreciated! Especially since you look at things from a different perspective when you’re actually writing the program compared to when you’re only using it as regular user.

    We’ll take your comment into account!

  3. Fist of all thanks for the comment :) As Sander pointer out we are happy with them.

    We would like to use the album art from the directory however mpd does not support album art in its protocol (for now that is) and since that is our only connection to the box running mpd we can’t fetch them right now.

    We however plan on saving the album art locally. Until mpd supports it :)

    The problem with the program resizing on its own is solved now.

    You are right about the volume silder. I’ll see what I can do tonight.

    The directory view is not on our priority list. in 0.4 we would like to focus on the playlists. But in a later release it will be implemented.

    Again thanks for your comment. Most of your request should be added in our “polish” release 0.3.1

  4. Hi

    I’m glad that I could help. I am aware that you have your schedule and vision about the client, so I won’t be trying to be intrusive with my comments, but still I’ll try to help with spotting the bugs or small annoyances if you don’t mind. And if some day in the future you’ll be lacking ideas about improvements and additional features, tell me, because my mind is full of (not always realistic) things that could “make the world better” ;)

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