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QtMPC 0.5.0 – Totally Zen

I am honored to announce the release of QtMPC 0.5.0
So why a 0.5.0:

  • support:
    • Album covers and general info
    • Now Playing
    • Track Scrobbling
  • KDE 4 support
    • Use your theme icons
    • Fully intergrated in KDE
    • And much much more
  • Dir View

This are the changes with the largest impact. Of course we fixed many bugs and did optimizations where possible. But for the whole list check the CHANGELOG.

Since we now have support why not join our group?

Also we did a reorganization in the subversion repository so svn users should switch to

And now what you have all been waiting for:
QtMPC-0.5.0 (source)
QtMPC-0.5.0 (windows installer)

Windows Installer Available

As a Christmas present for all the Windows users out in the world that want to run QtMPC (Hi dad!) I have created a nice .msi file so you do not have to install the whole Qt toolkit and build it yourself. It was a bitch to get SVG support but everything works now!

Grab the msi file for version 0.4.1 here.

So now there is absolutely no reason not to use QtMPC when you are running windows!
I have created a new component in the trac so problems with the installer can be reported.


Anyone called for a DirView?

So we got a request for a dir view in QtMPC. We already had it on the todo-list since January 2008. So it was about time I got myself to write the actual code. The timing could not be much better since Sander just finished the new design so adding a new tab for the Dir View was a piece of cake.

The code is (like always) available in svn. Ready for you to test!

Right now drag/drop does not yet work in the dir view. Also no searching. No custom sorting. So a lot can still be done. But the basics are working! So enjoy playing directories on Christmas.

QtMPC 0.4.1 – Out NOW!

We have just released version 0.4.1 of QtMPC. For a complete list of changes see the changelog. Yes we finally have a changelog!

For those of you that just want the highlights:

  • We have converted the mpdstats and mpdstatus to singletons which allow us to make easy use of it trough the whole program.
  • Some GUI improvements, at least we like to think so
  • Some small performance gains

As always we have a nice tarball for you:

As always please provide us with wishes or report bugs:

Now go grab the tarball while it is still hot!

QtMPC: reduced start up time

Since I started working on QtMPC again I have been working on ticket #25 which in a nutshell is saving the music library to disk and reading it from disk. This of course is only done when the music library is still the same.

The file is saved as an XML file. This is mainly because then it will work on all operating systems supported by Qt and we won’t have to think about a binary format. However this means we need to create a nice DTD file.

Now I have tested it on my own running setup. And at least it does not show a drop in start-up time. Although it is hard to measure. However over at my folks where the mpd database contains over 250 gigabytes of musics the normal start up time is over 8 seconds. So there I will be able to measure the result. In the mean time feel free to report any experiences.

Right now the file is saved to :homedir:/QtMPC/database.xml. This is not yet adjustable but it will be some day :) But until that day update to the latest revision and compile it!

Don’t forget to report any experiences or add tickets with wishes so we know how to improve this app.

QtMPC: compiles on Windows and development continues

This weekend I was at my parents. I took the opportunity to hookup the server to the stereo. The server has HD audio onboard and mpd does not take that much cpu/mem so it seemed like a perfect opportunity. Since my father has windows on his desktop I had to check if QtMPC compiled on windows. And it did. Without any modifications. This means we coded nice and clean in Qt, which is a good thing :)

Sander and I started talking and we are both working on QtMPC again. But note that we are busy people so development won’t be as fast as it was in the old days.

I’m working on storing the database on disk (in XML since that works on both windows and Linux out of the box). Right now only writing to disk is working. But reading the file from disk should be ready pretty soon. Which will make the start up time a lot faster if you have a large music collection.

Sander is working on some small things that help enhance the user experience.

We will keep you posted.

QtMPC: trac expansion

Today I expanded some of the trac stuf.

First of all the type whish has been added. So if you have a feature request you can file it on track. Please do not assign it to a milestone or version :)

Also version 0.3.1 is now selectable under versions. Why? Well if you experience bugs it is nice to know in which version they appear. We’ll probably keep 1 or two versions in there since we encourage people to really use the latest stable release and there isn’t really any reason not to ;)

Also as a minor thing we’ve begun coding on the 0.4 milestone things and therefore the 0.5 milestone is added so file your whishes and you might see them in 0.5 ;)

Other than that I would like to point out that since this is a small program we work from 0.x to 0.x+1 release. The 0.x.y releases will mainly fix bugs, layout changes etc.

Now enjoy your music :D

QtMPC: Using trac

So after the 0.2 release sander and myself decided to make better use of the trac installation. This makes work for us much easier and makes it better for the fans (well maybe not right now :P) to track that process. We have already filled the trac db with some tasks but feel free to suggest new improvements.

Ofcourse you can also report any bugs you find regarding qtmpc on the trac installtion ( ).